What is Holistic Therapy?

I practice a combination of different modalities with my clients, and have created a therapeutic style that moves away from only using the classic approach of verbal processing, and takes the whole human being into account — which means your physical, energetic, and emotional body. These modalities include Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Compassion-Focused Therapy, ancestral healing, as well as using tools I’ve gathered from my extensive yoga + meditation trainings, such as visualization, guided imagery, somatic (or in-body) exercises, Ayurvedic principles, astrology, and intuitive guidance. The alchemy created by these different approaches allows the work to get really deep, really fast — creating a clear path towards healing and a life that is more aligned with your most authentic and highest self.

Through the process of therapy, I will work with you to forge paths towards fulfillment, while offering tools and support when the journey becomes difficult. As your therapist, I’ll help you become familiar with techniques that will be conducive to productive changes, in both behavioral and emotional aspects of your life. I focus heavily on clarifying your own unique values, and figuring out what behaviors, fears, or thought patterns are blocking you from moving towards these values, or are causing high anxiety or stress. Our work together will involve not just investigating the root of these problems, but also focus on the present issues at hand, and what changes can be made to help you live a more productive and authentic life today.

Together, we will cultivate better coping strategies, recognizing areas in your life where you can begin to take back control from habitual or reactive behaviors -- all while heavily infusing the process with self-compassion and acceptance. Through guided imagery, meditation, and exercises, we will also focus on in-body experiences, and feel what it's like to be fully present with what is going on internally. Using the lens of my yoga background, my work also focuses heavily on creating a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, and finding your best definition of wellness.

By working to create true acceptance of our authentic selves, we can drop the struggle with our "messy" parts, stop resisting our personal truths, and bravely step into a life that is deeply reflective of ALL that you wish to embody.


I specialize in working with:

  • women / women-identifying (ages 18 and older)

  • the girl boss : women looking for help around managing work, school, relationships, and/or personal development — all while running a side-hustle, maintaining a social life, and being active (phew). Kick-ass females who are seeking more balance, self-care, and wellness in their endlessly-packed schedules.

  • the spiritual seeker : the intuitive and emotionally attuned woman who dreams big, and doesn’t feel as connected to traditional paths of life. She seeks connection to a higher vibration, and craves more spiritual healing, grounding, and direction in her life.

  • the novice : females fresh out of high school or college, who are facing the gritty real world for the first time. They are searching for answers around their trajectory in life, and need help discovering their deepest purpose.

I also focus on:

  • relationship issues

  • anxiety + stress management

  • important life transitions

  • self-compassion + self-acceptance work

  • body image issues

  • spiritual + existential issues

  • creating healthy lifestyle habits

  • Latino cultural issues (se habla español)


Pricing & Location Info

50-minute sessions are $120

Free 20-minute phone consult for any interested clients

Online sessions available (Texas residents only)

I offer a sliding scale rate to currently enrolled students. To learn if you're eligible, please send me an email. I currently do not take any forms of insurance, but can provide superbills for insurance reimbursement.

For more information, contact me at ferny@mindbodypeaceatx.com or call me directly at (512) 772-5271 

The MBP office is located at 1004 Mopac Circle, Suite #100, Austin, TX 78746

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