A Little About Me

Hi there! My name is Fernanda (Ferny, for short) and it feels like I started down my path as a helper long ago. I have always felt a strong connection to the process of helping through connecting deeply with the stories of others. In 2010, I entered my Master's program knowing that this was my rightful path: to help others through compassion and openness. I feel a great deal of honor when someone chooses to share about their life with me, especially the tender and difficult moments. I personally know how difficult and scary it can be to trust someone with such vulnerable pieces of yourself, and I see my role as a helper as one of incredible value. I became a counselor with the intention of providing a path to healing, and to offer love, compassion, and an open ear to those who may have never encountered such. I believe my journey as a therapist is one of my most important paths to walk, and that through helping others, I experience my own healing and fulfillment.

My second passion came to light when I was making some big transitions in my personal life. I truly dove into the yoga experience in 2008, right when I moved to Austin and was experiencing big (and sometimes difficult) transitions. I found my voice and strength in vinyasa yoga, and was immediately drawn to the fluid practice. Its healing benefits extended past the physical, bringing peace and calm to an anxious mind, and taught me how to use my breath and body to cultivate more acceptance and self-awareness. Yoga showed me how to let go of fear, and how to embrace, trust, and send love to every part of myself. Because of this, I started down the road to become a teacher myself, and spread this incredible healing practice to others.

My mindfulness practice has taken many forms over the years: meditation, reading, journaling, ritual, and practice -- all of which have served me in indescribable ways. I created Mind Body Peace to help others find deep healing, transformation, and growth through the practices of therapy, mindfulness, and yoga. It is my hope that through personal exploration, facing our fears, value-based behavior, mindful practices, and a heavy dose of self-love, I can help guide others towards a more wholehearted and authentic way of living. And hopefully make their journey through life a bit more light-hearted. 

Education + Training

I specialize in ACT and mindfulness-based psychotherapy, working to link the mind and body throughout the healing process, while infusing my therapeutic work with the healing aspects of meditation, present-moment awareness, yogis philosophy, and somatic experiences. I focus heavily on self-compassion, accountability, and on co-creating an authentic and value-focused life with my clients.

I received my Bachelor's degree in Psychology at UTSA, and my Masters in Counseling at St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas. In 2013, I went on to build a private practice at Austin Mindfulness Center, where I grew my skills as a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in ACT therapy, for over four years. In 2018, I opened the doors to my very own private practice, Mind Body Peace, which is where I currently see clients today. 

I completed an ACT II weekend-intensive training led by Steven C. Hayes in 2015, and a Compassionate Mind (CFT) training led by Laura Silberstein-Tirch, PsyD and Dennis Tirch, PhD in July of 2017. I am also grateful to the founder of Austin Mindfulness Center, Jiovann Carrasco, for his years of active guidance within the ACT modality and framework.


I am also an RYT-500, and was certified through the Wanderlust Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training program in 2014, and earned my 300-hour certification through the Janet Stone School of Yoga in 2018. I specialize in teaching meditation and vinyasa yoga, with a love for mindful flows, ritual, creative sequencing, and dynamic, intuitive movement.

Alongside my 500 hours of training, I completed a 100-hour training / immersion with Janet Stone in Ubud, Bali, where I continued my education in vinyasa sequencing, alignment, mantra and kirtan, meditation, and Ayurvedic practices. I continued my studentship with Janet in November of 2016, attending a 50-hour training focused on the Five Elements and Sadhana in Los Cabos, Mexico, and as of January 2018, I completed Janet Stone's 25-hour Intuitive Sequencing training. I have also trained under, learned from, and been inspired by many local Austin teachers, of which I am especially thankful to Gioconda Parker, for giving me my first meaningful introduction to yoga and for her heartfelt guidance throughout my journey. Infinite bows and thank you's to all of my amazing teachers. Jai guru deva!

Currently, I teach public classes exclusively at Wanderlust Yoga Austin